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Touriya Haoud wearing the "Elissa Flowerbomb"

The time is ticking fast, I'm almost off to Los Angeles where I'll start my big fashion adventure. Like mentioned before in my previous blog, I'm investing a lot of time to connect with celebs and fashion people in Los Angeles. So if you are in the LA area this May, please don't hesitate to connect. Maybe we can meet and discuss fashion or just grab a cup of coffee (or tea).

I' m so happy to be able to reveal my new happy and beautiful customer. She's a beautiful Dutch celebrity that has been living in Beverly Hills for a while now. A mother of 3 handsome boys and a business woman at the same time. I love it when I see a woman pursuing her dream and meanwhile being a lovable mother. It's not an easy job, to have a business and raise kids at the same time. I know all about it.

Touriya Haoud is this beautiful woman. She is happy with the "Elissa Flowerbomb" (creme). And I'm honored to have such a beautiful and powerful woman as my costumer. The Elissa Flowerbomb is a multifunctional luxury bag that you can wear as a shopper or as a backpack. The "Elissa Flowerbomb" is handcrafted with love and passion in Portugal.

The bag is available online at:

Soon also available in stores. For selling points, please take a look at my webshop

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