'Amal-Design' available in luxury boutiques

As the brand owner of 'Amal-Design', I have to think about the right selling point for my brand. Because the right selling point, automatically reaches the right customers for my brand.

I can't have my bags only on an online store. As a 'new' luxury brand, people have to get to know your quality first. Especially with leather materials. I can imagine that the possible customer wants to feel the leather and see the design before purchasing the bag.

That's why I have my brand in the renown 'Calexis' luxury boutique in The Hague (and Kijkduin). These kind of boutiques give you a decent service and advice that you expect and deserve as a customer. It's also a service and advice that I long for customers that purchase an 'Amal-Design' bag.

But I'm still looking for more selling points like 'Calexis' (luxury boutique). So if you're a boutique owner or you have a recommendation about a luxury boutique, then please don't hesitate to inform me. At this moment I'm especially interested in luxury boutiques in Los Angeles (and area around LA), because I'll be in LA soon.


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