Amal-Design versus Dior "the revolutionary" bag

The picture and title, they explain enough about this week's blog.

I was perplexed when I first saw the spring design of Dior's revolution bag. The revolutionary Dior "J'adore'" bag looks so much like my Amal-Design "Starlight". I can hardly believe this is a coincidence, but then again a lot is possible.

That's the fashion scene and world. Only the big fish get all the name and fame. And the little fish swim gracefully further, without getting noticed (with some exceptions).

But on the other hand, it also makes me realize, that I can call myself a revolutionary designer (sounds very nice😊). So, I know I'm walking on the right path, it's just a matter of time.
I would like to thank Dior, for giving me the honor of calling myself a revolutionary designer.

For my readers, I would really like to know what they think of the Dior "J'adore" and the Amal-Design "Starlight" bags. I truly value the feedback of my readers.

My bag revolution is still going on and will surprise you with the next design that I will reveal in October, don't miss it by subscribing to my newsletter!



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