Bringing balance to life


In life we all have to set priorities, especially when you’re running a business and a household.

We’re living in an era of constant rush. We’re so focused on getting things done, that we sometimes feel we’re chasing life. We’re busy with work, our careers, maintaining a social life, our family and the list goes on. We get so caught up in the rush, that we seem to be forgetting to contemplate on life and truly enjoy those precious moments of spending time with family and friends.

As I look upon my own life, I’m very aware of the everyday race against the clock. That's why I'm spending more time with my children. After a period of travelling for work or having a time consuming list of events to attend to, I always take my time to be at home with my children. We eat together at the dinner table. Eating together is an excellent way for some quality time together. And recently the three of us started taking kickboxing lessons, it’s a perfect way for my son, my daughter and I to connect, get in shape and kick some ass. It's one hour a week, but it's our moment together.

I always hear people saying that they don’t have time for this and that. Its not a matter of having time, its always a matter of MAKING time for enjoyable moments. Your schedule doesn’t make plans for you, you do. We cannot change the past, but we can shape our future. Finding balance between motherhood, an office job and running a company isn't easy, but for me it's always the unconditional love for my kids that give me the power and energy to continue.

I want to share my experience of balancing business and parenthood. My fashion partner Angelle Chang and I will be giving a workshop in March. This will be located in our Pop-up store. Please send me an e-mail, if you are interested.



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