Fashion and doing business at Amal-Design

It's not always easy to combine creativity with the business part. I know I'm creative and I like that part about myself. The part that I don't like is the financial administration. Just let me make drawings and create designs. And let me transform the designs into reality, that part of "Amal-Design" appeals the most to me.

Doing sales is still a challenge, which I sometimes like and sometimes dislike. What I like about sales is when people (retailers) are being honest. The part that I really find difficult and don’t like, is when people are not being honest.

I'll try to be more specific about the not being honest part. When you start fresh and new in a business, you have to learn a lot. People know that and want to profit from you. Such as wanting a bag for free in exchange for publicity (as if I got my bags for free), but that is something I still can understand. What boggles me is having to pay for a certain service and not getting anything in return, which means I'm basically sponsoring people.

I know these things happen in all kinds of businesses and my damage isn't as bad as others might have had. I just want to share the flip side of having a fashion brand.

As long as I enjoy my business I will continue to run it. I have a long breathe and falling even gets me more motivated.

I totally agree with the quote
'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'.



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