Get ready for the launch!

As I'm approaching the launch of my new collection, I feel my weeks are turning in to days and I’m on full speed to get everything ready.  But no worries, it will ;-)
This pas Wednesday I got back from a two-day trip to Portugal to take a look at the samples of my bags. I can’t be more content with it. It’s such a good feeling to see the drawings of my bag turning exactly how I want them to be, especially knowing they’re in hands of a small family factory in a lovely Portuguese village where all their products are made with so much love and attention. As though they’re able to put in the love that I feel when I make my drawings into the bags. And I hope that the people that buy my bags will feel the love, from creation to realization.

When I arrived back home I went straight to my office job. Well not straight back off course, thank god I had a good night sleep before doing so. Not planning on putting the zombie mode on to work. And from my office job, It was back to the fashion desk. You know how Clark Kent always uses a phone booth to transform in to Superman? I transform by using one thing, my passion for fashion. Gets me going everytime.
At the moment I’m preparing for a photo shoot tomorrow. I’ll be using these photos for the website and flyers. I’m looking forward to an energizing day with the help of an amazing team. Without the support of my family and friends I would never be able to come this far and I’m so gratefull for that.

So here’s to a weekend full of energy, love and gratefulness.

Xoxo, Amal


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