Let me do your styling and shopping

Lately I get a lot of requests for personal styling and shopping advice. People ask me what the new trends and colors will be. I enjoy helping out and thinking with those who have these questions, since I'm busy with fashion every day.

Over the years, I have received requests to provide shopping advice and personal styling. I truly enjoy thinking along with my friends and family regarding current trends and colours. Fashion is something that excites me every day and being able to share this with other makes it even a bigger pleasure.

Therefore, I've decided to provide  personal shopping and styling services besides my job as an "Amal-Design" designer. 

To be honest, I would love to dress men. Because I think, that the men's fashion still can be more edgy and challenging.

Men are often too safe with their clothing and styling choices, I want to show them, that little details can make a huge difference. But if there are women that would like to be styled or dressed, they would also be more than welcome of. It's just that I think there is much more that can be done for men.

Keep an eye on my website this week for the personal styling and shopping info. And please let me know your thoughts about this blog.  





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