Let's celebrate life #countdown #birthday

Celebrate life

the 5th of July is the day I was born. I never really cared much about my birthday, the thought was always: "I'm getting a year older, so what"? But this past year has been very confronting. I lost 2 close friends of mine in a year time.

They were both my age and they both left behind 3 children. Their kids are growing up without a mother. And although I've lost precious people (family) before, the difference now is that these friends were my age. We talked about motherhood, career plans and things we where planning to do in life. This made me realize (again) how precious life is. How grateful I am to have healthy and happy kids, to still have my parents beside me, and grateful for the support and love I have from family and friends.

Life is not perfect. I also have obstacles in my life, which make my life very difficult at times. But when I look at the things that I do have and still am able to do, I realize that the obstacles are making everything I have in life even more precious. I feel extremely wealthy for being able to experience happiness, joy and laughter with my beloved family and friends.

I call myself blessed because I'm living my dream and pursuing my passion by creating beautiful bags for my label Amal-Design. I'm feeling even more happy because there will be a new design coming up in October.

So tomorrow, the 5th of July, I will celebrate life.

Xoxo, Amal

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