Remember my name... "Amal-Design"

My trip to California was awesome. I am lucky enough to have a good friend (Yvanka Betti) who lives in Newport Beach (Orange County). The first two weeks were more of a vacation for me and in the meantime I got to see what kind of possibilities there are for me and in which areas certain things are located (California is really big). I joined my friend and her family in their daily routine, such as going to the baseball practice, shopping, hihihi (my favourite part),doing groceries, etc.. . California has such beautiful nature and wildlife (sea lions, coyotes, dolphins, etc..). It also has a real diversity of cities. From upperclass chique (like in real tremendous villas) to small trailer compounds.


After my stay in Newport Beach I went to my Airbnb in West Hollywood. The Airbnb was located in a very nice and hipster neighbourhood near Melrose Avenue. The area that I stayed at was full of nice restaurants, vintage stores, parks and not far from the beaches (Venice beach and Santa Monica).


Of course I didn’t only relax, but I also tried to set up a network for my fashion brand “Amal-Design” bags. I visited some big department stores and I also visited the smaller boutiques. Whenever I showed my bags the response was overwhelming positive. 

It will take a while for my visits to be sealed in a business deal. Although 5 weeks in California seems like a long time, but to do  business there should be more time investment.


There is one lovely person that I’m cooperating with for my fashion brand. That person is Touriya Haoud, a model and an owner of a PR company. She has some exciting photoshoots planned for my bags and write some columns in various fashion magazines. This all was discussed during my encounter with Touriya in 

Beverly Hills. You can imagine that with all these events the 5 weeks passed by quickly. 

But they will see me again and remember my name…




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