The other side of Amal "design"

This weeks blog isn't about my brand Amal-Design, because the past two weeks I was in Turkey for my part-time government job.

I was in the capital of Turkey in Ankara, where refugees had to apply for asylum. This work in Ankara made me realize again how lucky we are to live here in the west of Europe (me in Holland). Here in Holland I have total freedom and I can travel wherever I like to go. These refugees, families with children had to wait and see if they will get asylum or have to go back to a country that has no future for them.

I'm not saying that I think that every person should get asylum, because that wouldn't solve all the problems. But we can't ignore these problems from out of our cozy and save homes, and say "no more space for anyone". The situation has made me look at my passport in a whole different way now. My Dutch passport is the unlimited edition, while a lot of people in the world have the limited edition "until the border, and no further".

It’s because of this passport that I’ve been able to travel to so many beautiful destinations and soon I’ll be adding another destination. At the end of April I’ll be heading to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of becoming an established bag designer. I’ve already started the preparation for this trip, but I still have tons of things to do.

I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on this exciting journey of mine!

Xoxo, Amal

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