Joyfull holidays

The year is almost gone and if feels like I wasn't really there, because so many things happened in what I feel was such a short year.

There were very sad things, like one of my best friends passed away at such young age, a beautiful power lady gone way too soon. It made me realize that I should live to the fullest, because the only guarantee we have in life is that we all die.

Thankfully there was also good news, 2 new collections of Amal-design came out this year. A handmade and an industrial collection, both of them are designs which I'm very proud of. And of course the announcement of the pop-up store which is going to open on the 2nd of January.

These things aren't they only happenings that I had this year. But I could call them the top ups and downs.

I'm also still the mother that has the usual problems with growing teenagers. Like all the other working moms and dad's it's always a puzzle to try and keep the balance in life.

Have a nice weekend!


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