About Mylovables

Somebody once told me that it would be impossible for me to set up my own collection of women’s luxury handbag and to start a webshop full of lovable items.

Now I can say with pride: I proved them wrong..

My name is Amal and a proud single mother of two: son Malik and daughter Elissa. I had a dream and it took an excessive amount of perseverance to realise it.

My passion for designing women’s handbags and perseverance led me to the launch of my own luxury handbag brand in 2014, my goal is to set an example for other single mothers to show that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. I like to view handbags as people, every detail makes it unique, and I try to carry this into my designs.

Because I and so other many women love fashion items, I also started collecting and searching for lovable things during my travels. This is how I transformed my website from Amal-Design to Mylovables.

When I am traveling I always find so many lovable things, that I like to share with others. I hope you enjoy my designs and lovable fashion pieces.

Feel free to browse my online boutique here.

With love always, 





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